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Cutting through the steep side of the valley is the Cavée Robin (Robin’s Hollow in English I guess, though a French definition gives ‘chemin creux’ or hollow path which I think is more reflective of the reality). It’s maybe a track for tractors accessing the field on the plateau above, but its geological or topographical […]


maps – cartes – plans

My trusty local maps, published by the Institut National de l’Information Géographique et Forestière (IGN for short). They really have come into their own over the past two weeks. Not only are the Grandes Randonnées shown in big thick pink lines (French equivalent of big, long trails like the Pennine Way), but all the little […]


ground sol terre earth path sentier chemin track

soutien – support firm – ferme solid ground – plancher des vaches être indépendant – stand on my own two feet grounding – ancrage At the end of the day, my least favourite, uncomfortable, uneven, wobbly, uncertain, irregular, pebbles and little rocks on the path to Ferme de Maulny. So many foot sensations passing all […]