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So it seems I am coming to know my limits. After 15 days walking at around 20 km per day, my heels got so painful, really torturously painful, hobbling and grimacing the final few kilometres, that I will have the day off tomorrow to rest. I’ve iced and elevated and that really helped I am […]

Daily Destination

keeping on

Today I kept on walking. There were fields: There were also skies: There were animals: There was a monumentally large church in a teeny tiny village: I got as far as Acy en Multien and then turned back. There was a shop there that sold cold drinks – oh the pure joy!

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Day 13 and I have definitely found some swing in my step. It’s true, 15 km is not very far and it’s true, having my husband come along with me after lunch made the walk go by super fast and it’s true, tomorrow is a whole other story… But it’s good to feel I have […]


pluie flaque rain puddle

Il pleuvait ce matin. C’était pas vraiment de la vrai pluie, la pluie que je connais tellement bien depuis mon enfance dans la région la plus pluvieuse d’Angleterre… mais, il y avait quand même des gouttes d’eau tombants du ciel. À Darwen, là où j’ai grandi, les précipitations moyennes par année sont 810mm. À Londres, […]

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Today was an extra short and easy day walk-wise. This afternoon I watched some really interesting talks on Brain Cognition Emotion and Music – a conference I would never have been able to participate in if it wasn’t for this pandemic and which I’m really grateful for. There were participants from South America, right across […]

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short day

After my two long days on Friday and Saturday, I decided today would be a more restful day. I knew I would want to stay near home too so that I could participate in a Zoom Eucharist, so I thought I’d return to my original idea for my pilgrimage, which would have been to do […]

Daily Destination Practicalities Where I've been

Walking back

Today my destination was the place I used to live, the place I moved to when I came to France, a house in a town which I lived in longer than any house I’d lived in since I was 10. Senlis is not on a train line (any more). It stays that way to avoid […]

Practicalities Reflection Where I've been

experiencing elation

Each pilgrimage has some. You feel full of joy. Everything just seems right; the sun, the flowers, the wind, the feel of the path, the cultural exposure, the animals you meet, the person who smiled, the grass you sat on…. Today had some of these things (beautiful varied paths, interesting places, lovely spot for lunch, […]

Practicalities Reflection

Making mistakes…

…is a big fear of mine. Pretty sure I’m not alone. I’m afraid of feeling ashamed or stupid or wrong or out of place. It’s quite a big fear and led to me being a very shy child. A particular problem I still have is with names. I find it almost impossible to remember them […]


It was a gorgeous day

Beautiful sunshine, cool breeze, fields, forest, special sandy habitat, sandstone outcrops, cute villages and benches. It had it all. Also so much birdsong and some REALLY insistent cuckoos <3 I am pretty tired though now, so how about a few photos? A glorious exhausting day! I do have blisters though, it’s to be expected.