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walk with me

A different kind of blog today. You might want to just listen if you suffer motion sickness! I walked 8.5 km and am feeling surprisingly tired tonight.

After this, I saw lots more butterflies fluttering and fighting determined in their indeterminacy, I disturbed pigeons and pheasants feeding in the fields, I heard the beating of birds wings overhead, and I caught the attention of a hare. A whole flock of hares (pack? herd? lollop of hares?), six or seven of them chased each other over the field ahead of me. Was it fearful fleeing and fearless flying?

Then I walked through and round town, past the same houses, along the same roads. There was a gaggle of bemasked pétanque players playing. I crossed the N2 twice, and thought about its constraints on my walking and the non-physical limits we impose on ourselves.