Daily Destination

keeping on

Today I kept on walking.

There were fields:

the cornflowers with the poppies are making my heart melt

There were also skies:

the final stretch this – you can see that granary by the railway station on the skyline, a waymark for a town with a church in a valley!

There were animals:

This huge farm just outside Le Bas Bouillancy is called Le Château, and I reckon those stone walls on the left were probably part of an actual castle…

There was a monumentally large church in a teeny tiny village:

through the keyhole
through the keyhole II

I got as far as Acy en Multien and then turned back. There was a shop there that sold cold drinks – oh the pure joy!

the stone spire of the church in my destination, Acy en Multien (also St Pierre et St Paul)
the stone spire from close up

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