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Today was an extra short and easy day walk-wise. This afternoon I watched some really interesting talks on Brain Cognition Emotion and Music – a conference I would never have been able to participate in if it wasn’t for this pandemic and which I’m really grateful for. There were participants from South America, right across Asia, South Africa, Australia, North America and all across Europe. This seems to have no downsides to me – opening up participation to people who could never have afforded to be there and sharing amazing research and information strikes me as a big plus. Consequently though, I only walked until about 12.15 and my walk was in the form of two big circles starting from my house, one out into my favourite fields and the other around town. Here are some photos:

this morning, a view over my favourite fields of the granary by the railway station, the sight that I see that lets me know I’ve arrived home, something I can see like a modern-day castle from our ‘terrace’ by our door where we sometimes sit to eat in the summer. I had a whole long conversation with a 19 year old from Malta during my first camino about beauty. I believed these sorts of structures could be seen as beautiful and he refuted it with the certainty of a teenager. I still hold to my idea that your perception can change anything into something aesthetically pleasing.
discarded but still recognisable, in spite of everything
just my favourite fields and my favourite little gathering of hawthorn and dog roses…
oh, the poppies <3
fabulously interesting modern architecture on the edge of town with gardens leading out to the fields…
strange little alleyway to the fields/pylon
a little calm corner that I imagine was once the edge of the village (and is no more) so needed extra protection
if you look really closely at the horizon, you might just manage to see a tiny triangle pop up over the top of the field – it’s my favourite local landmark, the church in Silly-le-Long. I just love how you can see it from every direction!
a little abandoned cottage not far from the edge of town. I like to imagine its story, who lived there, the breakfasts they ate, the tomatoes they grew….
the little brook, the Nonette, flowing through this department – its source is just close by…
just look at that sky! St Pierre in Nanteui le Haudouin. The spire is actually a modern addition, although the church itself is very ancient.
an old wall, new houses behind, poppies in front.
very important local history, legendary in fact.
a gatehouse to the château…. the château no longer exists. it must have been splendid!
it must have been a shop on the place de la mairie….. I wish I knew what it used to sell.
a big old barn on the outskirts of town – whenever you walk past it you are accompanied by the warning cries of ‘cuccuricu’ or ‘cockadoodledoo’ whichever you prefer.
escapee vibrant flowers by the big old barn.
I have to say I find this particular scene hard to fathom….. welcome to Nanteuil le Haudouin.

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Chere Leah! Am really enjoying your peregrinations however extensive or restricted. Absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring.

I love these ‘ordinary’ pictures Leah – they give me a real sense of where you are and what you’re seeing.

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