ground sol terre earth path sentier chemin track

soutien – support

firm – ferme

solid ground – plancher des vaches

être indépendant – stand on my own two feet

grounding – ancrage

At the end of the day, my least favourite, uncomfortable, uneven, wobbly, uncertain, irregular, pebbles and little rocks on the path to Ferme de Maulny. So many foot sensations passing all through the body. So many textures from soft and giving to hard and reliable. Looking back at these photos, I find it absolutely incredible that I walked on all these different surfaces in just one day.

Reading The Way of a Pilgrim, the travelling is so far away from the central subject that none of this kind of thing comes up. The same in Margery Kempe’s book, even though she is so busy moving around. The details are passed over, lost, treated as unimportant. I like the details though, the tactile felt sensation of the earth beneath my feet, the visual newness of the ground as I move across it, each step an arrival at a new balance on new material substances laid out in a new way, changed after my passing footstep.

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