It was a gorgeous day

Beautiful sunshine, cool breeze, fields, forest, special sandy habitat, sandstone outcrops, cute villages and benches. It had it all. Also so much birdsong and some REALLY insistent cuckoos <3

I am pretty tired though now, so how about a few photos?

the pleasing fields
oh the wide skies and the path ahead
the church at Péroy-les-Gombries, chiming the angelus in a particularly rich and satisfying way just as I passed.
a flurry of butterflies interrupted my walking as they feasted on the fallen blossoms.
La Pierre au Coq, an unusual rock formation in the Bois du Roi near Ormoy Villers, due to the strange and uniquely important geology of the area (sand and sandstone, which lead to unusual and rare flora and fauna).
a lovely rural track suitable for pedestrians and knights!
Today’s reflection was on roots….
The very welcoming village of Rouville provide the weary traveller with a lovely bench (I like benches!) exactly as you arrive. It fills my heart with joy and gratitude. There’s another on your way out (although that in fact means that it doesn’t matter which direction you’re walking in, you will be greeted by a welcoming bench!)
The somewhat curtailed church in Rouville
The church at my destination, Crépy en Valois, dedicated to St Thomas of Canterbury, which is in fact little more than a ruin being held up by scaffolding….
it has a lovely stone latticework spire though which seem to be a speciality in these parts.

A glorious exhausting day! I do have blisters though, it’s to be expected.

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