Who’d have thought that nettles had such pretty flowers? Eckhart Tolle writes at length about the moment when the first flower came into being. It’s true that it must have been pretty extraordinary. Suddenly, a burst of new and strange colour, a bursting forth of energy. But not without loss and not without dirt either. […]

Practicalities Reflection

Making mistakes…

…is a big fear of mine. Pretty sure I’m not alone. I’m afraid of feeling ashamed or stupid or wrong or out of place. It’s quite a big fear and led to me being a very shy child. A particular problem I still have is with names. I find it almost impossible to remember them […]

Where I've been

Walking day 3

As I set off late today, I decided to do a largeish circular walk taking in four next door villages. [osm_map_v3 map_center=”49.121641,2.828598″ zoom=”13″ width=”95%” height=”600″ map_border=”medium solid blue” file_list=””] Distance: around 17km Time: 5 hours 15 minutes Cumulative distance: 55km