One foot in front of the other

Rural Picardy
  • nécropole
    Cutting through the steep side of the valley is the Cavée Robin (Robin’s Hollow in English I guess, though a French definition gives ‘chemin creux’ or hollow path which I think is more reflective of the reality). It’s maybe a track for tractors accessing the field on the plateau above, but its geological or topographical […]
  • 10 more
    Three hours and 10km walking this morning, testing out my foot to see if it’s doing ok, whether the osteo helped…. Through the town… Into the fields Through the rain The weather forecast had predicted 85% chance of rain. Just as I was thinking their percentage was too high… So I did get wet. The […]
  • walk with me
    A different kind of blog today. You might want to just listen if you suffer motion sickness! I walked 8.5 km and am feeling surprisingly tired tonight. After this, I saw lots more butterflies fluttering and fighting determined in their indeterminacy, I disturbed pigeons and pheasants feeding in the fields, I heard the beating of […]
  • chapelle
    Carrying on with my fascination for the abandoned corner where there’s a medieval chapel…. The first documentary evidence dated 1202 mentions the foundation by Godefroy and his wife Agnes of an oratory ‘near Nanteuil’. They endow it with an income, 6 acres of land and the possibility to tax their fishponds. The donation is ratified […]
  • Juilly
    You know the stories you might tell about the places around where you were brought up? They become mythical, exaggerated, sensational even, seen through old memories of a child’s understanding. Only the biggest, fattest ones stick, and they might not even really have any narrative to them. I have one such memory. It’s drawn from […]